20 April, 2007

Meet the Robinsons Movie

Posted by Shonna |

Mama n papa lama daa plan nak ajak Aish n Qis gi ngk wayang. Brapa lama da tak g ngk wayang.. Last kiter gi masa show Happy Feet. So this week laa baru sempat nak g ngk. At first we decited to watch at Galaxy Ampang, ticket sold out pulak. Then terus ke TGV, KLCC.

Lewis n Wilbur Robinson


Twelve-year-old Lewis (voice of Daniel Hansen), a born inventor, is also an orphan who desperately wants to find his birth family. A mysterious stranger, Wilbur Robinson (Wesley Singerman), claims he can take Lewis to meet them. The only catch: They live in the far-flung future where Lewis meets an oddball group of characters who get him into all sorts of bizarre predicaments.

Nice story... Qis n Aish excited sgt, so am i!!!


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